Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot is Worth £17 Million (€21 Million)

European lottery players are snapping up tickets ahead of tonight’s £17 million (€21 million) rollover EuroMillions jackpot after no one managed to bag themselves the top prize on Friday night. Even though the jackpot remained untouched in the last draw, there were some whopping prizes won by ticket holders, including the £91,646 (€126,452) scooped by four players who matched five main numbers and a spectacular €758,715 awarded to two ticket holders who matched five numbers and one Lucky Star.

Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot is Worth £17 Million (€21 Million)

You can see the winning numbers and a full breakdown of the prizes from Friday’s EuroMillions draw, as well as the winning UK Millionaire Maker code at the Results page of

A £17 million cash injection tonight would come at just the right time for anyone who is struggling to leave the warmth and comfort of the duvet in the morning. With a chill in the air, a layer of ice coating the car and the short walk between bed and shower a little like trekking through the Arctic, the thought of winning tonight’s grand prize and scribbling that resignation letter to the boss is hugely tempting. You could switch your alarm off forever and only leave your bed when you were completely ready for the first cup of tea of the day.

For your chance to open your future energy bills without that nagging sense of dread, you will need to buy some tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions draw which are available online or from authorised retailers up until the sales cut-off time of 7:30pm GMT (8:30pm CET) tonight. Good luck!

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