Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot is £25 Million

EuroMillions ticket holders are hoping for double rollover joy this evening when the balls are drawn in Paris at 20:00 UK time. After no players matched all five main numbers on Friday night the jackpot has risen to a very tempting £25 million (€32 million) which will provide the perfect appetiser for the Superdraw later on this week.

Tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot is £25 Million

Although the top prize remained untouched, there were plenty of cash winners from Friday’s draw, from the 1,422,846 ticket holders who matched two main numbers and won themselves £3.10 (€4.20) up to the six players who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to net themselves £197,160 (€269,196) each. One UK player has also made their bank manager very happy by depositing £1 million into their account after they matched the winning Millionaire Raffle code. A full breakdown of results and prizes can be found on the Results Page of

This week offers plenty of chances to join the winning party, with tonight’s £25 million jackpot more than enough to set you and your family up for life and just early enough in the autumn for you to be able to have moved into a sprawling mansion in time to host the mother of all Christmas parties! It might be worth perusing the Estate Agent’s window this morning in preparation.

In addition, the latest EuroMillions Superdraw has been called for this Friday with a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million, which works out at roughly £80 million dependent on the exchange rate. The opportunity to shoot instantaneously up the rich list is too good to miss and is likely to see a deluge of regular and brand new players snapping up tickets.

Tickets are on sale for both draws now and can be bought online or from authorised retailers.

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