Tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot is £128 Million (€162 Million)

Europe is buzzing with anticipation ahead of tonight’s EuroMillions draw which features a top prize of £128 million, the lottery’s biggest jackpot since Tuesday 25th June 2013. If one UK ticket holder were to bag the lot this evening, they would shoot straight into third place on the National Lottery’s rich list, right past Neil Trotter, who won a £107.9 million (€129.3 million) jackpot on Friday 14th March of this year. Check out the Winners page at to see what sort of company you’d be in if you won the top prize!

Tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot is £128 Million (€162 Million)

Friday 3rd October’s Superdraw sparked a run of four rollovers that have brought the jackpot to tonight’s humongous amount, enough to secure not only the winner for the rest of their life but also many generations of their family to come. Do you have what it takes to halt the momentum and grab the cash?

Thousands of working hours across Europe have been whiled away by daydreaming lottery fans, meticulously planning how they would spend their fortune since Tuesday’s draw ended with no top tier winner. Film buffs could consider entering the world of movie making and on a grand scale too - James Cameron’s Oscar scooping epic Titanic cost £124.5 million to make. If you’re worried about spending so much of your new capital, then perhaps you could settle for constructing a replica of the infamous ship itself - it cost a much more reasonable £4.3 million to build. You’d need to keep a keen eye out for icebergs though!

Tickets for tonight’s draw will be in high demand and are on sale right now online or from authorised retailers.

Good luck!

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