Tips on How to Win the Lotto Rollover Jackpot

With a triple rollover Lotto jackpot of £9.5 million to play for on Wednesday night and most people awaiting the dreaded arrival of the Christmas credit card bill, there has never been a better time to give the game a go. Unusually for Lotto, only one ticket holder has matched all six main numbers in a Lotto draw since Saturday 29th November, although five players did benefit from a jackpot of £15 million rolling down and being shared between the Match 5 plus Bonus tier winners when the four-rollover limit was hit on Wednesday 17th December.

Tips on How to Win the Lotto Rollover Jackpot

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If you’d like to buck the trend and bag yourself a fortune then there are a few methods you can apply to either increase your chances of winning or to maximise your prize. Firstly you might consider creating a syndicate, in which work colleagues or friends join together to buy a number of tickets on the understanding that they will share any prize that is won. The bonus is that, rather than relying on one ticket to come good, you shorten the odds of winning by playing multiple entries. Of course, you will only receive a cut of the winnings, but a slice of £9.5 million on Wednesday night would still boost your bank account considerably.

If you are planning to form a syndicate then you will need to appoint someone to be in charge and to claim any prize that you are due, you will also need an agreement signed by all of the participants to avoid any arguments further down the line.

A way to boost your Lotto prizes is to pick numbers over 31 as fewer people will have made the same selections. Many players use memorable dates to pick their Lotto numbers which, by their nature, will never be greater than 31. This means that, if a winning line contains higher numbers, there tends to not be as many players scooping the top prizes.

Tickets for this Wednesday’s massive jackpot draw are on sale now and you can get hold of them online or from authorised retailers before 7:30pm on the day of the draw. Good luck!

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