Ticket Holder Scoops £16.1 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

Saturday evening’s UK Lotto draw saw one player win a sensational prize worth more than £16.1 million. The lucky ticket holder successfully matched the winning main numbers of 12, 20, 31, 39, 43 and 46 to win the eight-figure sum and become the game’s fifth-largest winner of 2016.

Ticket Holder Scoops £16.1 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

The top prize came as a result of five straight rollovers and was the first time the jackpot had been claimed since a single ticket holder won £5.7 million on Saturday 23rd July. The win successfully surpassed that of Scottish couple John and Alison Doherty who claimed a total of £14.6 million on Saturday 2nd July. The winners of this latest prize, who made themselves known to National Lottery officials on Monday, will collect the fourteenth jackpot of 2016 and the eleventh top prize worth over £10 million since changes to Lotto came into force in October 2015.

Saturday’s draw also resulted in another player being instantly rewarded with a sum of £1 million thanks to the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. The ticket holder managed to match the winning combination on the night to find themselves with an additional seven-figure sum in their possession. Elsewhere, there were prizes for a further 135,541 players who each picked up sums ranging from £25 for matching three main numbers to £89,412 for matching five main numbers and 38 as the Bonus Ball. There were also over 1.2 million players who matched two numbers to win a free Lucky Dip ticket ahead of the next draw.           

Thanks to Saturday’s jackpot being won, the top prize total has been reset ahead of Wednesday’s draw, but there’s still a guaranteed £2 million to play for. If you’d like to stand a chance of winning this fabulous prize, Lotto tickets are available to purchase online from around the world and from all authorised retailers across the UK.

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