Three Tickets Share Powerball Jackpot of $564.1 Million

Three ticket holders from Texas, North Carolina and Puerto Rico have just split a mind-blowing Powerball jackpot worth $564.1 million, which is the fifth-largest prize in U.S. lottery history. The Puerto Rico Powerball winner is the first in the territory to snap up a grand prize - the small island territory only joined Powerball on 28th September 2014. They hold the additional honour of being the first winner outside of the continental United States. The winning ticket in Texas was sold at a convenience store in Collins County. No information has been made available about the winning ticket from North Carolina.

Three Tickets Share Powerball Jackpot of $564.1 Million

Ticket sales pushed the estimated value of the jackpot from $450 million over the weekend to its final amount on Wednesday evening. Some state lottery officials reported that tickets were being sold at a rate of thousands per minute as hopeful participants got their entries in at the eleventh hour.

The winning line was 11, 13, 25, 39 and 54 with Powerball 19 and Power Play 3. The three top-tier winners were joined by 33 players who matched all five main numbers to win $1 million each, with another participant matching all five main numbers with Power Play to win $2 million. Visit the Powerball Results page of for a full prize breakdown.

Last night’s jackpot was the third largest in Powerball history, coming in at just $23.4 million less than the $587.5 million prize scooped by two Powerball ticket holders, one in Arizona and one in Missouri, in late November 2012. Gloria MacKenzie of Florida is, of course, still the title holder - she won $590.5 million on Powerball in May 2013 and took a cash option of $370.8 million, which is still the world record for any lottery prize awarded to a single player.

If last night's winners choose to receive their winnings as a lump sum, they'll take home $127 million before taxes. The annuity option will see them receive their full share - $188 million before taxes - in 30 payments over the course of 29 years.

Keep checking, as updates on these three lucky Powerball winners, including the full value of each of their windfalls, will be published here as soon as they are made available.

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