Three Health Lottery Ticket Holders Scoop Saturday's £100,000 Jackpot

Luck was in the air for three Health Lottery ticket holders on Saturday night as they all successfully matched all five main numbers drawn to share the £100,000 top prize. Having more than one top-tier Health Lottery winner in a single draw is rare and the last time this happened was almost four months ago when two ticket holders shared the top prize on 16th April.

Three Health Lottery Ticket Holders Scoop Saturday's £100,000 Jackpot

The winning Health Lottery numbers from Saturday’s draw were 7, 10, 17, 23 and 27 with Bonus Ball 37. Health Lottery officials confirmed yesterday that the winning jackpot tickets were purchased in Crewe, Stirlingshire and Merseyside. In addition to the top tier winners, there were over 45,000 winning tickets in Saturday’s draw, with players securing prizes worth between £10 for matching two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball and £10,000 for matching four main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

As well as this amazing jackpot win for Saturday’s Health Lottery draw, there was also a top tier winner in Saturday’s UK Lotto draw. One fortunate player matched all six main numbers drawn to take home a widely-advertised rollover jackpot worth a wonderful £7 million. National Lottery officials will release more details about where the ticket was purchased if the lucky winner hasn’t come forward before Saturday 23rd August.

With top tier winners in both draws, we would advise players to check their UK Lotto and Health Lottery numbers immediately to see if they are holding a winning jackpot ticket!

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