Sydney Woman Finally Claims Megadraw Prize

A young woman from North Sydney has claimed a prize worth AU$2.7 million almost four months after she won it. The winning ticket, bought for the Saturday Lotto Megadraw on 28th December, had been in the bottom of her handbag the whole time.

Sydney Woman Finally Claims Megadraw Prize

The annual Saturday Lotto Megadraw is one of the biggest dates on the Australian Lottery calendar, offering a jackpot worth AU$30 million between Christmas and the turn of the year.

In the latest draw at the end of 2019, there were 11 players who matched all six main numbers to share the jackpot. One of the prizes won in New South Wales had remained unclaimed, but now the lucky player has finally come forward.

She revealed that the ticket - bought at Queens Square Newsagency, 229 Macquarie Street – had been given to her as a gift.

Speaking to lottery operator The Lott, the woman said: “That's amazing. That ticket has been in my handbag for the last four months. I knew it was there the whole time but of course I didn't think it was worth almost $3 million.”

Asked about how she felt when she finally checked the ticket, the woman, who has decided to stay anonymous, said:  “I was in shock. I was so surprised. Of course I didn't think it was real when I checked the ticket but it feels a lot more real now.

“Regardless of the timing and knowing that I could have had my prize months ago, it's still so sweet now. It's just wonderful.”

The winner is not sure how she will spend her millions, but she plans to share some of the wealth with her loved ones and the friend who gave her the present.

“I will certainly be sharing some with them,” she said. “But the rest I don't know. It's still in shock and it will take some time to figure out."

"I'm isolating at home at the moment so I will have plenty of time to think about it, but I know I will definitely be sharing it with my family."

Saturday Lotto has a jackpot of AU$4 million every week and regularly holds Superdraws, when the top prize is boosted to a guaranteed AU$20 million. Megadraws take place once a year in December.

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