Superstitious Australian Wins Lottery at Renowned Shopping Centre

A father-of-three from Gosnells, near Perth in Australia, won over AU$439,000 in the Saturday Lotto after travelling over 20 kilometres to buy his winning ticket. He read about a shopping centre in the suburbs which had produced several recent winners, and the superstitious player was in luck as he continued the trend in this unlikely area.

Superstitious Australian Wins Lottery at Renowned Shopping Centre

Bought Two Tickets From Different Stores

The six-figure winner became one of three WA Lottery jackpot winners following the draw on Saturday 8th December, but he initially had to convince his wife to travel with him to purchase his winning entry from the Cockburn Gateway Shopping City in Success, a suburb of Perth. When they finally arrived at the centre, he bought two tickets from separate stores – Cockburn Gateway Lottery Centre and Gateways News & Lottery Centre - because he wasn’t sure which one was deemed to be the lucky store.

He explained: “My wife wasn't too keen on the idea saying I was a bit mad to believe in these things. In fact, the first week she refused, but the following week I convinced her to take a chance. I remembered one had three wins and the other had one win, but it was a bit confusing which was which. So I bought a ticket from each, which really got my wife going! But now that it's turned out the way it did, we can't stop laughing about it.”

Shopping Centre’s Fifth Big Winner this Year

The man is the fifth big winner to come from the shopping centre this year, with around AU$4.6 million paid out in winnings to a quintet of players. A couple local to the centre were the first big winners back in February, winning AU$2.1 million, followed by a family from Wellard, Perth, who scooped AU$1 million. A local resident won AU$670,000 in August, and a train driver from Cockburn, South Australia, then took home AU$408,000 in September.

The latest win completes a remarkable year for the centre and Robyn McDermott, the owner of both stores, said: “I've said this all along: "When living and operating a business in an area called Success, what else could you be but successful?””

The Gosnells-based winner added he hopes to buy a home, revealing: “It's life changing to finally have something of our own and not have to rely on a landlord to look after the property.”

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