SuperEnalotto Set To Resume After Coronavirus Suspension

SuperEnalotto is set to resume from Monday 4th May following a decree from Italy’s Customs and Monopolies Agency, as the country takes steps to restart normal activities amid the coronavirus crisis.

SuperEnalotto Set To Resume After Coronavirus Suspension

Many Italian lottery games were suspended in late March due to the outbreak of Covid-19, which has affected every part of daily life in Italy. With residents told to stay at home, it was decided that ticket sales should be put on hold for SuperEnalotto, along with other games such as Italian Lotto, Eurojackpot, Simbolotto and SiVinceTutto.

While the crisis is far from over, there have been signs of an improvement and government officials have been discussing when to restart certain activities – including those in the gaming sector.

It has now been revealed that the suspended lotteries will finally relaunch after more than a month off. Tickets will go on sale from 4th May at those retailers which are open and draws will start again straight away.

Lotto and SuperEnalotto draws will therefore be back from Tuesday 5th May, while Eurojackpot will be available again for the draw on Friday 8th May. Eurojackpot draws have continued for the past few weeks as they take place in Helsinki, Finland, but players in Italy have been unable to take part.

The Customs and Monopolies Agency has made it clear that draws will take place in compliance with health security measures, although there has not been any confirmation about when and where draws might take place.

If SuperEnalotto follows the usual schedule, draws will be held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In the last draw before the suspension, on Saturday 21st March, a jackpot of €35 million rolled over.

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