SuperEnalotto Players Get Set For Easter Millionaire Draw

A phenomenal weekend lies ahead for SuperEnalotto players, with €30 million in prize money guaranteed to be won in the eagerly-anticipated ‘Easter Millionaire’ raffle. The special promotion will take place on Saturday night, giving SuperEnalotto fans the chance to win life-changing sums of money.

SuperEnalotto Players Get Set For Easter Millionaire Draw

There will be 30 prizes of €1 million up for grabs, and everyone who ticks the SuperStar option when playing Saturday’s SuperEnalotto will be entered into the draw. A unique code, containing letters and numbers, will be randomly generated alongside each line of SuperEnalotto numbers.

The winning codes will be drawn at random on the night and the 30 players with matching tickets will become millionaires. Tickets for the special draw have already been on sale for a few weeks, but will remain available until Saturday evening and there is sure to be a surge of late interest as players dream of what they might do with a seven-figure windfall.

As well as the 30 guaranteed prizes of €1 million, SuperEnalotto fans can also try to win Saturday’s big jackpot. A rollover on Tuesday pushed the top prize up to €30.9 million, fuelling even more excitement across Italy ahead of the Easter Weekend. SuperEnalotto can be played online as well as from authorised retailers in Italy.

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