SuperEnalotto Player Beats Odds of 1 in 56 Billion to Win

A SuperEnalotto player, who bought their ticket in the southern Italian town of Vibo Valentia, overcame odds of 1 in 56 billion to not just win the €163.5 million jackpot, but also a €2 million bonus for matching the SuperStar as well as the six main numbers. The game had been rolling for more than a year before the ticket holder, who paid €3 for just two lines, scooped the second biggest prize in SuperEnalotto history.

Players win the jackpot by matching all six main numbers, at odds of 1 in 622,614,230, but a special €2 million is added to the total if they also happen to match the SuperStar, which is drawn from an additional pool of 90 balls.

The winning SuperEnalotto numbers from Thursday 27th October were 3, 12, 23, 71, 76 and 83 with Jolly 56 and SuperStar 35. The last time anyone won the jackpot was Thursday 16th July 2015, and the top prize had rolled to an amount just shy of the €177.7 million scooped by a syndicate in October 2010.

The win sparked huge celebrations in Vibo Valentia, with dancing and fireworks marking the spectacular news. Rumours are rife in the town as to the identity of the winner, who might not yet realise their good fortune. Domenico Lo Bianco, who owns the shop at which the ticket was bought, admitted “when they called me to warn me of the win, I thought it was a joke. Then slowly, I realised and I realised it was all true.”

It was not only Italy’s latest multimillionaire who won on the night, there were hundreds of thousands of players across the country who picked up prizes ranging from €5 for matching two main numbers or just the SuperStar to €24,042 for matching four main numbers and the SuperStar.

SuperEnalotto returns on Saturday night, with a jackpot worth €41.1 million and, if you think there could now be a run of winning draws, you can play online or buy tickets at authorised retailers across Italy.

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