SuperEnalotto Offers Biggest Jackpot in the World

SuperEnalotto now has the largest lottery prize in the world up for grabs after the jackpot climbed to a colossal €159.9 million. It is the second-biggest prize to have ever been offered on SuperEnalotto and anticipation is building ahead of the next draw on Thursday as players in Italy and from across the globe turn their gaze towards the popular game.

Huge jackpots have been won on both of the two big pan-European lotteries in the past few days, with a Belgian participant snapping up €168 million on EuroMillions on Tuesday 11th October and a ticket holder from Germany winning the maximum €90 million on Eurojackpot last Friday. Those successes have left SuperEnalotto standing alone with a much higher jackpot, and perhaps boosted the confidence of players that another big prize win could be around the corner.

The record SuperEnalotto jackpot is €177.7 million, held by a syndicate of 70 players who purchased their ticket in Milan for a draw back on 30th October 2010.  The sixth anniversary of that huge win is now approaching, and the top prize has been steadily building since it was last given away on 16th July 2015.

Hundreds of thousands of players have continued to scoop prizes in every draw despite the lack of a jackpot winner, and in the most recent game on Tuesday 18th October there were two ticket holders who matched four main numbers and the SuperStar to win €40,621 each. Visit the SuperEnalotto page to find out more about the game and discover the latest results.

A new SuperEnalotto record could be set within a matter of weeks, but if you fancy trying to get your hands on the massive nine-figure jackpot before that happens you can look forward to Thursday’s big draw. You can buy lottery tickets from wherever you are in the world or head down to an authorised retailer in Italy. Good luck!

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