SuperEnalotto Jackpot Soars to €48.9 Million

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to grow ahead of tonight’s draw with players doing all they can to win an estimated top prize of €48.9 million. It seems that participants really are benefiting from recent game changes, which include faster-growing prize pots.

Since changes were introduced to the game at the end of January, SuperEnalotto fans have witnessed a once slow-growing jackpot burst into life, increasing by at least €800,000 in each draw. With no players having matched the six numbers required to scoop this incredible jackpot since the 16th of July 2015, when a player from Acireale won a life-changing top prize of over €21 million, this famous lottery has again swelled to a sensational amount.

Tonight’s estimated jackpot has even surpassed the €40.1 million won on Saturday 22nd November 2014 by a ticket holder from Sassuolo in Modena, which is the largest amount won on the game in the past 15 months. In fact, should tonight’s jackpot be unclaimed, the top prize could exceed €50 million for the first time in nearly three years, as the last SuperEnalotto jackpot to exceed that amount was won on Saturday 16th March 2013.

Recent SuperEnalotto players have also benefitted from the addition of a sixth prize tier, a feature that has allowed hundreds of thousands more prizes to be won in every draw. Players only able to match two main numbers from the draw have been rewarded with cash prizes worth at least €5 in each of the games held since the changes took effect.

Despite the immense size of the current SuperEnalotto jackpot, it is still some way off rivalling the current record top prize of €177.7 million, which was won in 2010 by a syndicate of 70 players. However, with no jackpot cap to keep the top prize under control, if the current trend of rollovers continues, could SuperEnalotto fans soon witness a brand new record being established very soon? The sky really is the limit for Italy’s most popular lottery game! If you’re playing SuperEnalotto tonight, good luck and have fun.

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