Spain Wins as Superdraw Looms

One Spanish ticket won the EuroMillions jackpot last Friday, which means that each of the last three jackpots to be landed has gone to a player in Spain. France is the only other country to have had any jackpot success this year, so players around the world are wondering if this binational domination will continue or whether another country will manage to get lucky in the week ahead. With a brand new jackpot of £12 million (€15 million) up for grabs this Tuesday and a guaranteed Superdraw game offering £80 million* this Friday, it promises to be a very interesting week.

Spain Wins as Superdraw Looms

The ability to buy tickets for multiple consecutive draws in advance means that players can enter their numbers for both of this week’s games in a single transaction. Although many players will be buying several tickets for the big Superdraw game on Friday, some will choose to do the same for the first game of the week on Tuesday too, boosting their chances of success even further.

As far as the Tuesday EuroMillions game is concerned, the most overdue main numbers that stats fans will be looking out for are 09, 14, 40, 07 and 50, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 03 and 11. If any of those numbers appear on Tuesday then you can view the updated batch by visiting the EuroMillions Statistics page at

Given the fact that there will be an £80 million to play for on Friday no matter what happens in the preceding draw, the best possible outcome this week would be for someone to win the jackpot in both of the draws that are taking place. Will that happen, or will one or both of the jackpots roll over? Stay tuned and all will be revealed in due course!

*The jackpot is worth a guranteed €100 million jackpot and the sterling value will depend on the exchange rate.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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