Spain Continues to Dominate EuroMillions

The first three months of 2014 have been superb for Spain in relation to the EuroMillions lottery game. There have been eight jackpots won in total and five of those jackpots have been landed by a ticket purchased in Spain. The first jackpot of 2014, which was won on Tuesday 7th January, was shared by two tickets – one purchased in Spain and the other in France – but the five from eight strike rate is still impressive, and Spanish players will be hoping that their domination of the EuroMillions game continues into the second quarter of the year.

Spain Continues to Dominate EuroMillions

Of the nine nations that participate in the EuroMillions game, Spain is the second most successful, having secured 62 of the 280 jackpots that have been won since the lottery began. The most successful nation is France, with 71 jackpot wins, so Spain is just 9 wins behind, and that means it is well within the realms of possibility for Spain to close the gap, and perhaps even end the year as the luckiest country of all.

None of the players in the eight other competing countries will be content to let Spain do that by default. EuroMillions fans in France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom will all be trying hard to land a jackpot – and preferably several – in the nine months that remain of the year. With two draws taking place each and every week, it is highly unlikely that Spain will be able to maintain it's current success rate of being involved in 62.5% of this year's jackpot wins, but time will tell.

Once again, we will have to wait and see how things unfold as the year progresses, but right now lottery enthusiasts can get the brand new month of April off to an exciting start by playing for an equally fresh jackpot in the EuroMillions game this Tuesday 1st April. The most overdue main numbers according to the EuroMillions Statistics page over at are 09, 14, 45, 11 and 29, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 11 and 04. Keep an eye out for those numbers appearing on Tuesday and be sure to check back here afterwards for our full round-up of the results.

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