Son Plans to Share EuroMillions Win With his Mother

A mother and son from Ireland are celebrating a €96,433 EuroMillions win after picking up the Match 5+1 prize in Tuesday evening’s draw. The winnings are set to be split 50/50 after the young man used lunch money he borrowed from his mum to purchase the ticket on the day of the draw.

Son Plans to Share EuroMillions Win With his Mother

Having visited Applegreen Service Station on North Street in the town of Swords, the son decided to purchase his Quick Pick entry for the upcoming draw with the change he had left over from his lunch. Little did the youth know that that split-second decision would land him a sizeable sum of money.     

Once the young man discovered he had won, his excitement was uncontrollable: “He was jumping around the house after checking the ticket on his phone and I was certain he was trying to wind me up,” his mother told officials upon the pair’s arrival at National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. However, her son was telling the truth and soon it was the turn of his parent to embrace the joyous feeling of a EuroMillions win: “I haven’t slept a wink,” she beamed.

News of the win undoubtedly came as a shock, but the delighted son was quick to show his generous side: "Once I found out about the prize, I didn’t have to think twice about sharing it,” he revealed. “It took some time to convince her that we won but I think the reality sinks in once you arrive at the National Lottery offices.”    

Naturally, talk soon shifted to how the winnings would be spent, with the mother explaining how they hadn’t really made any plans as their newfound wealth had come “completely come out of the blue”. However, she was adamant that the winnings wouldn’t be wasted, stating that a special savings account would be set up for her thoughtful offspring and she would be treating herself to a new car.  

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of this fortuitous mother and son, don’t forget to enter tonight’s EuroMillions draw when the jackpot will be worth an estimated €90 million. You can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer in participating countries. Good luck!

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