Singapore Lottery Players Honour Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore’s lottery players are honouring the late Lee Kuan Yew, the city state’s first prime minister who passed away on Monday, by buying up number combinations that relate to the revered politician’s life and death.

Players are hoping that Lee will bring them good luck for today’s 4D draw, in which prizes are awarded to the owners of tickets bearing special four-digit codes. Combinations which bear the time of Lee’s death, his birth date and the numbers from the licence plate of the hearse which carried him to his wake, amongst others, have all proved so popular that they have sold out for the draw.

It is not uncommon for Singapore lottery players to pick their numbers based on the number plates of cars that have been in accidents, often slowing down or even stopping to make sure that the code is noted down correctly. For other intriguing ways to pick your lottery numbers, check out the How to Choose Numbers section of

Lee Kuan Yew served as Prime Minister for 31 years and is generally considered to be Singapore’s founding father, responsible for bringing the state into the first world. His body is lying in state ahead of his funeral on Sunday and mourners are facing a potential eight-hour queue to pay their respects.

While gambling is deemed undesirable in Singapore, the state runs its only legal lottery, known as the Singapore Pools. However, there are illegal firms which offer larger payouts for those willing to risk breaking the country’s notoriously strict laws.

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