Rumours Circulate about Possible New EuroMillions Raffle

Rumours have emerged that a new EuroMillions raffle, which could possibly cover players in all participating countries, could be on the cards. On 26th February, the National Lottery Commission in the UK approved Gaming Laboratories International Europe BV for the purposes of testing the new game, sparking speculation amongst lottery fans in all nine nations that partake in the game.

Rumours Circulate about Possible New EuroMillions Raffle

EuroMillions players are currently offered a number of supplementary games, with the country in which the ticket holder resides dictating the additional draw they can enter. However, the introduction of a pan-European ‘EuroMillions Raffle’ could see these games shelved in favour of a fresh approach to the biggest lottery in Europe. Whether this new raffle would usher in a new era for EuroMillions fans remains unclear, but whatever the outcome there is almost certain to be excitement and speculation until an official announcement is made.

The new EuroMillions raffle could bring with it a number of changes and offer participants a different way to play. Ticket holders in the UK have seen several changes to how they play the game, from the introduction of Millionaire Maker (then known as Millionaire Raffle) in November 2009 to the launch of Mega Friday in October 2014. Likewise, French and Irish players have seen their chances of winning a prize increase, with the former’s addition of My Million in 2014 and the latter’s introduction of EuroMillions Plus in 2007. In fact, only Spanish players miss out when it comes to supplementary games, with Switzerland offering a Super-Star draw and Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal providing variations of a game called Joker.

However, it’s possible that this latest proposal could spell the end for these popular games, resulting in a radical shake-up to breathe new life into EuroMillions, which is now in its 12th year of operation. Introducing a raffle that incorporates all nine participating nations would bring with it a feeling of uniformity, but some players may feel uneasy at the prospect of having to compete against a greater number of ticket holders for prizes. Nevertheless, such a scheme would certainly simplify matters, limiting the number of additional draws that would have to be made, allowing all players to essentially sing from the same hymn sheet.  

It could be that the new raffle will bridge the divide, allowing players from the less successful nations the chance of winning larger prizes than are currently offered in their own supplementary games. It is undeniable that there is an imbalance amongst the participating countries, with fewer prize winners in Ireland and Austria, for example, than are found in France or Portugal. The latest addition could even be played alongside each nation’s supplementary games, offering an additional prize to one or more of the countries.

It’s even possible that this new raffle would follow a similar structure to the current Millionaire Maker and My Million games, producing at least one millionaire in each country in each draw in a move that would no doubt prove very popular. These plans could see ticket holders vying for one prize or a number of rewards with either ticket holders in their own country or from across the continent.

Should this latest venture bring with it an increase in the price of tickets, the new game could even have an effect on how quickly the value of the EuroMillions jackpot itself increases. It would be a bold move, but a number of larger supplementary prizes and a faster-growing jackpot could see a rise in interest in the game as larger jackpots are offered, with the added bonus of more sizable lower prize tiers being offered should the jackpot hit its €190 million cap. The price of a Millionaire Maker ticket is included in the price of a EuroMillions ticket in the UK, with 50p from every ticket sale being allocated for use in the Millionaire Maker game, but this is not the case in Ireland where EuroMillions Plus is optional and comes at an additional charge. A change in the game’s structure would possibly mean increasing the price of tickets across the continent to include the new game or the supplementary game of each individual nation or perhaps even both. The number of possibilities a new EuroMillions Raffle could offer are endless.

While the speculation surrounding a possible new addition to EuroMillions continues to circulate, players still have the chance of winning a sensational estimated jackpot of £11 million (€15 million) in Friday’s draw. To be in with a chance of winning, tickets can be purchased online or from any authorised retailer in participating countries. The very best of luck!

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