Rhode Island Mega Millions Player Banks $5 Million Thanks to Megaplier

Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot has hit $333 million, the seventh largest in the history of the game, after no one matched all five main numbers and the Mega Ball on Friday 17th June. There may not have been a top prize winner, but one Rhode Island player celebrated pocketing $5 million thanks to their fateful decision to add Megaplier to their ticket.

Megaplier costs $1 extra per Mega Millions line and multiplies non-jackpot prizes by two, three, four or five times, depending on which number is drawn. Friday’s Megaplier was five and, whereas the ticket holders from California and New Jersey who matched five main numbers with standard entries will be thrilled with their $1 million wins, the Rhode Island participant who matched the same amount of balls is due a much bigger payday because they ticked that all-important box.

A player from Texas also banked $5 million in the draw on Friday 10th June and eight others have seen Match 5 prizes boosted by the feature since the turn of the year. Powerball offers a similar option to players with Powerplay, with the main difference being that Match 5 prizes in that game are boosted to $2 million, whatever the Powerplay number. Other non-jackpot prizes can be multiplied two, three, four or five times and there is even potential of a ten times multiplier when the Powerball jackpot stands at $150 million or less.

Anyone who can go one better than Friday’s Match 5 Mega Millions winners and also match the Mega Ball in Tuesday night’s draw will be able to choose between taking the $333 million jackpot in 30 payments over 29 years or receiving a $226 million pre-tax cash lump sum. The top prize is the largest offered in the game since 18th March 2014, when the Cobie and Seamus Trust of Florida and an anonymous Maryland player shared $414 million.

Mega Millions tickets are on sale now at authorised retailers across the US as well as online, wherever you are in the world, thanks to lottery concierge services. Good luck.

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