Record NZ$44 Million Powerball Jackpot Must Be Won This Wednesday

The New Zealand Powerball jackpot currently stands at an eye-watering NZ$44 million; the highest in the game’s 15-year history. But that’s not the only reason why people are excited. “The Powerball jackpot has never been bigger – and it must be won,” Lotto New Zealand Chief Executive Wayne Pickup said after Saturday evening’s draw ended in another rollover.

Record NZ$44 Million Powerball Jackpot Must Be Won This Wednesday

According to the popular lottery’s rules, once the jackpot hit its cap of NZ$40 million, the game effectively goes into lockdown and the top prize must be won in the following draw. Since no players managed to snatch the Powerball First Division prize in last Saturday’s draw — a feat normally achieved by matching all six numbers and the Powerball — the Powerball draw set to be held this Wednesday will have a jackpot winner no matter what, with the top prize rolling down to the winner or winners of the next-highest division if no one is able to clinch it.             

This isn’t the first time that the New Zealand Powerball has entered “Must Be Won” status. In July this year, a trio of players from Dunedin, Hamilton and Te Awamutu split a Powerball jackpot of $40 million, despite not actually matching all the balls normally required to do so. It’s one thing to win an enormous cash prize, but to win it without having to beat the odds normally required is extra sweet.

“With a Must Be Won draw, we know that there is definitely going to be one or more winners this Wednesday and with a jackpot this size, the win is going to be life changing,” Mr Pickup added.

New Zealand Powerball tickets are available from authorised retailers across the country and you can also play online. There are also big jackpots up for grabs this week from some of the world’s most popular lotteries, such as EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto. 

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