Quadruple Rollover for EuroMillions

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over for a fourth consecutive time last night which means players in Friday’s draw will be competing for a top prize worth an estimated £41 million (€50 million).

Quadruple Rollover for EuroMillions

The winning numbers from last night’s draw, in ascending order, were; 3, 14, 26, 47 and 50 with the Lucky Stars as 7 and 11 but as no players managed to match all seven numbers drawn, the highest prize on the night was won in the second tier. Three European players, all from outside of the UK, matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win a prize worth €353,233.

Following that, eight players won £30,446 (€44,154) each when they matched five main numbers and 27 ticket holders won £4,510 (€6,541) for matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. These winners were joined by 1,614,223 other players who secured a prize worth between £2.90 (€4.20) and £148 (€214.60) for matching as few as two main numbers.

For a full prize breakdown of last night’s EuroMillions draw, including the winning UK Millionaire Raffle code, click here.

As the EuroMillions jackpot climbs steadily higher, it’s likely an increased number of people will want to participate in the draw. If you want to avoid a last minute rush and potentially lengthy queues, why not purchase your EuroMillions tickets online? You can do this by following the Lottery Tickets tab at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can visit an authorised retailer and buy your tickets in person.

Written by Grace Mee

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