Powerball Pals Win Big After 14 Years

A group of five friends from South Carolina certainly enjoyed a week to remember after winning a Powerball prize of $1 million. The close-knit syndicate, known collectively as ‘the Powerballers’, matched all five main numbers numbers 2, 9, 27, 29 and 42 in the draw on Wednesday 22nd March to collect the seven-figure sum.

Powerball Pals Win Big After 14 Years

The quintet, who opted to go by their nicknames - Hollywood, Shark Jr., Neighbor Mike, Frankie S. Angels, and Higgs - have been keen Powerball players for 14 years, but have never experience the rush and excitement of winning such a huge prize. “Before this, the most we’ve won was $100,” the group’s leader, Hollywood, told officials at the South Carolina Education Lottery.  

The Murrells Inlet residents went on to reveal how they found out about their amazing victory. Neighbor Mike was the first to twig, as he noticed that the numbers on the group’s ticket perfectly matched the five main numbers drawn. Following a phone call to Hollywood, the word spread like wildfire and the group began “flipping out” once they realised the enormity of their win.

Not content with keeping the news to themselves, the Powerballers, who will each receive an after-tax payment of $136,000, wasted no time in contacting a former member to brag about their win. As for their plans for the money, Neighbor Mike spoke on behalf of the group, saying: “We’re all going to kick back, be happy and buy some new toys,” before adding that the collective weren’t currently on the lookout for new members anytime soon.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of this fortuitous fivesome, Powerball is available to play online or from any authorised retailer in participating states and jurisdictions. This Wednesday’s jackpot is an estimated $50 million, so don’t miss out!

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