Powerball Jackpot Soars to $415 Million

Americans from all corners of the country are bracing themselves once again for a colossal Powerball jackpot, with the top prize having reached $415 million. This gigantic figure is the result of the top prize going unclaimed for 18 straight draws, a run that stretches back to the 2nd of March when ticket holder James Stocklas struck lucky after purchasing a ticket while on holiday in Florida.

Powerball Jackpot Soars to $415 Million

The jackpot’s recent growth will almost certainly have caught the attention of the Powerball-playing public. With the top prize smashing through the $400 million barrier for only the seventh time in the game’s history, the country could be about to witness a similar frenzy to the one experienced when the top prize reached $1.58 billion, a total that, in January 2016, obliterated a whole host of lottery records.

Saturday’s top prize would propel any potential winner comfortably into the top ten largest prize winners in Powerball history, placing them seventh on the illustrious rostrum of winners. The jackpot would still have to increase further before any winner could trouble Gloria MacKenzie of Florida as the largest single prize winner in lottery history. However, her sensational $590.5 million haul in May 2013 could well come under threat very soon should the jackpot increase at the same rate it did in January, when it ballooned from $355.8 million to $1.58 billion in the space of just three draws.      

Powerball has a rich history of ticket holders defying odds of 1 in 292,201,338 to secure the jackpot, with 351 players having already achieved the incredible feat. If you fancy your chances of becoming the 352nd person to collect a giant winner’s cheque, Powerball tickets can be purchased online, worldwide, as well as from any authorised retailers throughout the 47 participating U.S states and jurisdictions. Best of luck and keep those fingers crossed!

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