Police Official Charged After ‘Cashing in Stolen Ticket’

A police official in Connecticut has vowed to clear his name after being charged with attempting to cash in a lottery ticket worth $520,000 that had belonged to his niece. According to a story in the Tallahassee Democrat, Michael Royston, the chairman of the police commission in Windsor Locks, was arrested last Thursday in Florida after trying to claim the prize as the ticket had already been reported as stolen.

Police Official Charged After ‘Cashing in Stolen Ticket’

Royston’s niece went to police in July to report the theft just a few days after showing it to her uncle. Royston, who now faces charges of fraud and grand theft over $100,000, turned himself in and is quoted in court records as telling police that he had tried to claim the prize because the ticket was a present, although he could not provide the identity of who had given it to him when asked by lottery officials. Reports also suggest that Royston had previously told police that he had discovered the ticket under the seat of his car.

Royston has now stepped down from his unpaid police role while he battles to prove his innocence. In a statement reported by The Courant, he said: “I adamantly deny any wrongdoing in which I have been accused. I do not want this to affect the Commission or the Windsor Locks Police Commission while I exonerate my name, therefore I have resigned from the Windsor Locks Police Commission. It has been an honour and a privilege serving the citizens of Windsor Locks.”

Royston was freed on $1,000 bail and is now awaiting the court case, although no date has yet been set. He had only been in his current position, which helps to oversee the town’s police department, since January and must now wait for the trial to clear his name as this ugly family feud goes very public.

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