Play Makes It Possible

The National Lottery is set to launch a new advertising campaign on Sunday which seeks to highlight the relationship between winning big and giving bigger. The campaign, called Play Makes it Possible, brings a range of fantastic National Lottery funded projects to the forefront of players’ attention while simultaneously suggesting the luxuries a lottery winner could indulge in.

Play Makes It Possible

The campaign will be spread across TV, print and digital media with more than 37,000 retailers across the UK introducing promotional material in the coming weeks. For their new TV advertisement, the National Lottery turned to the highly acclaimed creative agency AMV BDDO.

For the ad, a poem has been skillfully crafted to conjure clear imagery of what a lottery win could be spent on: "A brand new home / A new set of wheels / Spectacular pool / How does it feel?" However, while these may seem like the typical luxuries of a lottery winner, the poem is read alongside visual images of just some of the many good causes funded by the National Lottery. The brand new home belongs to a group of young Scouts in need of a new hut, the wheels belong to a team of disabled basketball players and the pool is part of London Aquatic Centre’s top of the range facilities, all of which were funded through the sale of lottery tickets.

With 28p of every £1 spent on National Lottery tickets immediately allocated to the Good Causes Fund, hundreds of thousands of worthy schemes and projects have received vital grants over the past 20 years. In total, more than £31 billion has been donated to a wide range of ventures since the National Lottery was first launched in 1994 while players have claimed approximately £50 billion in cash prizes.

Although the campaign aims to link the personal and public benefits of playing the lottery, ‘Play Makes it Possible’ has been developed with the hope of improving player participation. Sally Cowdry, Marketing and Consumer Director for the National Lottery, said; “Knowing about National Lottery projects promotes positivity and has a direct impact on players’ participation in our games, so our new campaign looks to irrevocably bring the two together."

If you’d like the chance to change your life, while simultaneously changing the lives of others, tickets for both the Lotto and EuroMillions can be purchased online via the Lottery Tickets tab. As with paper tickets, 28p of every £1 will be donated to the Good Causes Fund plus you’ll be in the running to become Britain’s newest millionaire.

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