Philanthropic Powerball Player Promises to Share Winnings with Local Area

A man from Teller County, Colorado, has vowed to donate half of his Powerball winnings to the local area if he manages to hit the jackpot tonight. Timothy McMillin, Sr. says that he “already has everything that he needs” to live a fulfilling life, and that he is taking part in tonight’s Powerball drawing in an effort to help make things better for county in which he lives.

Philanthropic Powerball Player Promises to Share Winnings with Local Area

If he manages to beat the odds and hit the jackpot, McMillin says that, after paying taxes, he’s going to give roughly half of the cash to Teller County’s various local services and organisations. "Each school district in Teller County is going to get $5 million and all of our emergency services are going to get $1 million each," the philanthropic Powerball player told local news crews.  

Other Teller County agencies would each receive $500,000, McMillin added, with the local animal shelter, old people’s home, library, and even the pregnancy centre also on the list for big cash payouts. "It makes everybody feel good, feel part of something," he said of his altruistic activities. "It gives them something to play. It gives them skin in the game."

McMillin has already purchased his ticket for tonight’s mammoth $293 million Powerball drawing. The numbers that he, and no doubt the whole of Teller County, are hoping will come up are: 2, 9, 20, 26, and 54. McMillin’s choice for the all-important Powerball is 22.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is the lottery’s third largest since Wednesday January 13th’s $1.5 billion blowout. Powerball’s top prize has been won only five times this year so far, with the current jackpot having now rolled 16 times.

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