Pennsylvania Man Wins $7 Million on “Get-Well” Scratchcard

A resident of Easton, Pennsylvania is surely on the road to recovery after winning $7 million on a scratch-off tucked inside a get-well card from his father. Joseph Amorese, originally from Congers, New York, was recovering at home from hernia surgery when he received the $7 Million Golden Ticket game along with his father’s best wishes for his recovery. “That’s an expensive ticket. I hope I win,” he recalled himself as saying.

Pennsylvania Man Wins $7 Million on “Get-Well” Scratchcard

He then scratched off the cover to reveal a coin symbol, which represented an automatic win. While he wasn’t running around celebrating - hernia surgery probably takes it out of you a bit - he did say he was celebrating in his mind.

After calling his wife Jodi to tell her about the good news, the couple confirmed the win with New York Lottery officials. He will take home about $4.6 million after taxes. While Joseph isn’t sure what he’ll do with the money in the long run, he does plan on taking his family on holiday.

The $7 Million Golden Ticket game costs $25 and offers a range of prizes as well as the chance to multiply a prize won by up to 30. There are still top prizes available to be won.

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