Pennsylvania Couple Claims December Powerball Jackpot

A couple from Pennsylvania has come forward to pick up the jackpot prize for one of the final Powerball draws of 2016.

Pennsylvania Couple Claims December Powerball Jackpot

With a jackpot worth a staggering $121.6 million, all eyes were on the potentially life-changing Powerball balls as they dropped on the evening of 17th December, 2016. A series of rollovers meant that there hadn’t been a jackpot winner for a total of six draws, so the news that a single ticket had matched all five balls — 1, 8, 16, 40, 48 — plus the Powerball, 10, was met with a great deal of excitement.

It wasn’t until today, however, that it was announced that the winners of the life-changing prize — a couple from Pennsylvania — had come forward to claim the cash.

The husband reportedly purchased his Powerball ticket in Selbyville, Delaware, and has been playing Delaware Lottery games since it began in 1975. Although the couple say that they tended to play only when jackpots grew especially big, they chose the exact same numbers almost every time they did — no doubt leading to much elation when they finally rolled in.

Since the husband purchased their winning ticket in Delaware, a state in which lottery winners are able to remain anonymous if they so choose, the couple’s names have not been released.

"Winning is not going to change me," the woman said of their big win. "I told [my husband] I don't want us to be different because of the money. We are very blessed to win," she added.

With a genuine fortune now nestled safely in their bank account, the lucky couple have plans to buy a campervan and do some travelling. But first, they say, they intend to put their money to good use by making a series of donations to local schools and charities.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is an estimated $135 million. Tickets are available to buy online now, or via authorised retailers.  

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