Otago Lotto Player Wins New Zealand Powerball Jackpot

The New Zealand Powerball jackpot has been won for the first time this year after a ticket holder from Otago scooped NZ$18 million (£10.5 million). The First Division prize had not previously been won since 21st December, while it is the largest Powerball jackpot to have been given away since a record of NZ$44 million was set on 9th November.

Otago Lotto Player Wins New Zealand Powerball Jackpot

The lucky player pocketed an additional NZ$250,000 from the Lotto First Division, after matching the numbers 2, 3, 16, 17, 38, 39 and the Powerball of 2. The ticket was purchased online, and a husband and wife have now come forward to claim the prize.

The couple, who are expecting their first child, have admitted they did not realise at first quite how lucky they had been. The man said: A bunch of our friends and family were around and I was pretty chuffed so I strolled into the lounge and told everyone we'd just won $18,000 with Lotto. Everyone was excited, but then my wife had a proper look at it and she said 'ah, honey, no - we've won $18 million."

Three other participants grabbed a share of the NZ$1 million Lotto First Division prize. One of these winners played online in New Plymouth, while the other tickets were sold at Feilding Video Centre in Feilding and Tony’s Stationery and Lotto in Maungaturoto.

The New Zealand Powerball jackpot will reset to NZ$4 million for the next draw on Wednesday night, while there will be NZ$1 million to play for as normal on Lotto. Good luck!

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