£1 Million EuroMillions Prize Goes Unclaimed as Deadline Passes

A EuroMillions player has just missed out on a prize worth £1 million by failing to come forward before the deadline passed. The ticket in question was purchased in Warwickshire for the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle on New Year’s Eve but, despite heavy publicity surrounding the win, the winning ticket holder didn’t materialise. Since the 180 day period to claim the winnings ended on 30th June 2014, the £1 million prize and the interest it has accrued will be given to the Good Causes fund.

£1 Million EuroMillions Prize Goes Unclaimed as Deadline Passes

The Good Causes fund receives nearly a third of the National Lottery’s yearly revenue, as well as any unclaimed lottery prize money and interest. This revenue is then used to provide funding for education, the Arts and heritage, sports facilities and charitable causes.

WorldLottery.net recommends that players buy National Lottery tickets online in order to avoid a fate similar to that of the unidentified EuroMillions winner. The National Lottery’s website offers players the ability to purchase tickets securely and to benefit from having their tickets automatically checked after the draw. In addition, any player with a winning combination is then notified by email. For players who prefer to purchase their tickets from a retailer, the National Lottery website includes details of all unclaimed prizes so that ticket holders have the chance to identify and redeem any prizes they are owed. If the winner from Warwickshire had purchased his ticket online, he would certainly be living the high life right now!

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Written by Amanda Wowk

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