Norway’s National Lottery Introduces Eco-Friendly Scratchcards

Norsk Tipping, the state-run Norwegian national lottery, has teamed up with Canadian lottery ticket firm Pollard Banknote to introduce environmentally-friendly scratchcards to the market in the Scandinavian country. It is the first lottery to take advantage of Pollard Banknote’s Eco Scratch ticketing system, which uses paper stock that is created from 60 percent recycled material.

Norway’s National Lottery Introduces Eco-Friendly Scratchcards

The first two instant win games to undergo a redesign using the innovative process will be Pengedryss, which costs 50 kroner and is already on sale, and the 30 kroner KryssordFlax, which will be released before the end of summer.

Pollard Banknote’s press release reports that its Eco Scratch technology utilises kraft paper which, it claims, leads to a simpler look that is different from anything else vying for attention on crowded shelves. The company stated in the release that “although the organic, recycled look and feel of Eco Scratch lends itself to vintage designs, it is also perfect for creating striking modern designs when combined with well-chosen fonts and colours.”

Norsk Tipping was established in 1948 to raise funds for charity, sport and culture in Norway, with 4.2 billion kroner (£348.9 million) having been donated in 2014 alone. Alongside scratchcards, it offers draw games such as Lotto as well as participating in Viking Lotto and Eurojackpot. If you’d like to know more about Eurojackpot, visit the page dedicated to this exciting pan-European game.

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