New Zealand Powerball Players Split $38 Million Jackpot

Lottery lovers across New Zealand are frantically scrambling to find their Powerball tickets after it was announced that two players had shared a $38 million jackpot. The lucky playslips were sold on the North Island, in the towns of Warkworth and Greytown, and it is fair to say that the news has created quite a buzz amongst locals.

New Zealand Powerball Players Split $38 Million Jackpot

The colossal prize, which is the second largest jackpot in New Zealand lottery history, came as a result of 18 consecutive rollovers, a run that started on the 20th September. The winning ticket holders each matched the numbers 5, 8, 12, 18, 28, 36 and the Powerball 5 to share the eight-figure reward and become the talk of the nation.

Powerball Players Flock to Greytown

Understandably, there has been plenty of excitement around both towns in which the victorious tickets were bought. The first winning entry was purchased at Greytown Fresh Choice and has created quite a stir: "It's just been a great morning. Everyone's buzzing," said Dianne Lucas, the store’s customer service manager.  

Ms Lucas, who explained that the shop had sold second division and scratch card winners in the past, revealed that lottery hopefuls had been flocking to the area in their droves, however the winner had not yet been tracked down. Unsure as to whether or not the lucky player was a local, the store worker refused to be drawn into speculation, although she did believe it would be “really awesome" if the prosperous participant was from the tightly-knit community.

The Powerball Winner From Warkworth

The second player to secure an incredible Powerball fortune purchased their entry from the New World store in Warkworth. The owner of the business, Anna Carmichael, told reporters that a large number of her 180 staff had picked up playslips ahead of the crucial draw: "Our team of butchers bought a ticket amongst themselves... they told us they wouldn't be back today if they won."  

Ms Carmichael, who said that she would be "thrilled" for any of her customers to win, explained that this was comfortably the largest prize ever landed by a ticket bought from her establishment: "I don't even think we've had anything above a million dollars,” she said, before adding that she had noticed a real frenzy on social media ever since the draw.

Could You be Next?

If you haven’t quite scooped the jackpot this time around, don’t fear, as the next New Zealand Powerball draw is right around the corner. So, if you would like to pick up an amazing $4 million this Saturday, simply play through any authorised retailer across the country. Good luck!

If you can’t quite make it to New Zealand before the next draw, why not take part in the US version of Powerball which is currently offering a jackpot worth US$149 million. Find out more about how to play by visiting the US Powerball page or dive straight in and pick your numbers online.

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