New “Lottery Scotland” Website Will Offer Scots a New Way to Play

A new website called “Lottery Scotland” has appeared in the midst of the controversy surrounding the Scottish independence referendum with the promise of a “valid alternative” to the Lotto and EuroMillions. The site appears to be prepared for the launch of a new Scottish lottery campaign, but no representatives could be reached for comment.

New “Lottery Scotland” Website Will Offer Scots a New Way to Play

Promising “Scottish lottery prizes for Scottish lottery players”, the site currently offers a holding page that explains why Scots should take part in a new lottery that will directly benefit them as opposed to participating in a lottery that awards boroughs in London “£8 million for a gold-plated dog park while neighbourhoods in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen struggle to get by”.

The site states that “if we can determine our own destiny and vote ‘yes’ for independence, we can work towards a Lottery that will solely benefit Scotland.”

According to Lottery Scotland, over 1.6 million Scottish households regularly play National Lottery games but only £2.6 billion in Good Causes revenue has been allocated to Scottish initiatives out of a total £31 billion raised since 1994.

The holding page states that if these same households played a proposed Scottish Lottery once a week, they could help raise at least £66.6 million each year for education, heritage, local communities and the arts.

Lottery Scotland also urges readers to think of the prize money that could be distributed to winners in the country if a new lottery is established, which would greatly boost the economy.

At the time of writing, no further details have been disclosed, but readers have been encouraged to check the site for regular updates. For more information, visit

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