Missing US Powerball Winner Has Just Days to Claim US$1 Million Prize

Time is running out for one US Powerball ticket holder to claim their US$1 million prize as it expires in just three days. The unclaimed prize was won on 15th May 2013 by a ticket holder from New York.

Missing US Powerball Winner Has Just Days to Claim US$1 Million Prize

 The winning ticket was purchased from the Thriftway Pharmacy on Church Avenue in Brooklyn and matched all five main numbers (2, 11, 26, 34 and 41) but missed the Powerball number (32) which would have secured the jackpot prize. The missing winner has until Wednesday 15th May to claim their prize before the money will be returned to the New York Lottery prize pool and used for future lottery wins.

Lottery officials are keen to locate the winner and unite them with their prize so have encouraged players to check their old tickets. So cast your mind back; did you purchase a US Powerball ticket from the Thriftway Pharmacy a year ago? If so, now is the time to dig out your old ticket as you could be the missing millionaire.

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