Melbourne Player Wins Huge Australian Powerball Jackpot

A lucky ticket holder won one of the largest Australian lottery prizes of all time on Thursday night as they scooped the country’s AU$55 million Powerball jackpot. The winning entry was not registered to an official playing card and officials have urged everyone who bought a ticket in Melbourne to check their numbers.

Melbourne Player Wins Huge Australian Powerball Jackpot

Australia Powerball Results

The winning line for Australia Powerball was 5, 7, 11, 32, 34 and 38, with Powerball 12. Over a million prizes were given away, but the First Division award all went to one player. Lottery operator Tatts quickly announced that a Victorian entry had won the jackpot, and later confirmed the ticket was sold in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Spokesperson Bronnie Spencer said: “We can’t wait to confirm the out-of-this-world prize with our mystery winner! Just imagine how $55 million might change your life and the lives of your nearest and dearest. There are 55 million reasons why all players in Melbourne’s northern suburbs who had an entry in last night’s draw should check their ticket this morning.”

Australia Powerball Jackpot Winners

Thursday’s Powerball jackpot was the highest since the first draw of 2017, when a syndicate from Queensland also pocketed AU$55 million on 5th January 2017. The 21 members of the group all worked together in the Department of Education and revealed their plans included helping out loved ones, clearing off debts and going on holidays.

January has certainly proved to be a lucky month for Australian Powerball players. As well as the latest big winner and the Queensland syndicate, the largest prize ever claimed by a single ticket, AU$70 million, was won by a couple from Hervey Bay on 7th January 2016.

The latest winner will now be able to look forward to making some big plans for the future as soon as they make contact with lottery operator,Tatts, while the Powerball jackpot will now go back to $3 million for next week’s draw. You can find out more about Australia Powerball, including how to play from anywhere in the world, at the dedicated page.

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