Mega Millions Player Finds Ticket Worth $1 Million Among Old Mail

A woman from Michigan has come forward to claim a $1 million prize she won on Mega Millions almost four months ago after a chance conversation with a store worker prompted her to see whether she had any old tickets lying around at home.

Linda Tuttle from Kentwood is a regular customer at her local T&J Party Store on Shaffer Avenue and was told by a clerk that someone had won a big prize with a ticket bought at the shop. She searched through a pile of old mail at home and was amazed to discover that she was a winner in the draw on 26th May. She had matched all five main balls to scoop $1 million and contacted lottery officials at the local Lansing headquarters this week to claim her money and share her story.

Having taken in a number of exchange students from China over the years, Tuttle now plans to use some of her money to go travelling to visit them. She has also set her sights on a new vehicle and some home improvements.

Tuttle is not the only player from Michigan to have enjoyed considerable success on Mega Millions this year, as there have now been six players from the state who have won at least $1 million in 2015. Mega Millions offers a fixed $1 million prize to anyone who can match all five main numbers, while there is also a Megaplier feature, available for an additional dollar per line, which multiplies non-jackpot prizes by as much as five times.

The top prize is available for players if they can match all five main numbers plus the Megaball, and the most recent winner was a player from New York who landed a phenomenal $106 million in the draw on Friday 11th September. There have since been three rollovers, meaning that the jackpot has already climbed back up to $31 million ahead of Friday night’s draw. Find out more about how to play Mega Millions before the latest draw - hopefully you’ll remember to check your tickets on the day to see if you’re a winner!

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