Mega Millions Dominates Tuesday Aspirations

Lottery players who have aspirations of winning themselves the biggest possible jackpot today will be looking no further than the Tuesday Mega Millions draw. The first Mega Millions game of the week has an advertised jackpot of $154 million, and all that stands between any player and that prize is the ability to match five main numbers plus the Mega Ball number. Should more than one ticket match all of those numbers, the prize will of course be divided equally between the winners concerned.

As always, the advertised jackpot value assumes that any winner will choose to receive their prize in a series of annual instalments. A player who decides to take a single cash lump sum instead would take home around $84 million. Whatever decision any winner makes about taking their prize, the sum received would still be subject to taxation, but at these levels we doubt that anyone will be complaining about handing the US government a slice of the spoils.

The odds of winning a jackpot in the Mega Millions game won’t be easy to overcome, but every ticket purchased for a draw gives its owner a 1 in 14.7 chance of winning any prize at all. That is quite an encouraging statistic, and what players will find even more encouraging is the fact that the second tier prize, which is paid to tickets that match five main numbers only, is worth a cool $1 million. That makes it possible to play the Mega Millions game and become a millionaire winner even if the jackpot itself rolls over.

Like the rest of the world, we look forward to seeing what happens in the Mega Millions game this evening (more information is available at, but we certainly won’t be ignoring the other games that are taking place. The SuperEnalotto game is the one that offers the next biggest jackpot, with a top prize of around €12 million, so good luck to everyone who is hoping to win a prize in any of the Tuesday night games and don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for the latest news!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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