Mega Millions Approaches Nine Figures

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has been won just once this year. That was way back on Friday 3 January, when the top prize of $61 million was landed by a single ticket which had been purchased in Tennessee. The jackpot has been rolling from draw to draw ever since, and we are now at the stage where it is fast approaching the nine-figure landmark. The advertised value for tonight’s jackpot is a whopping $94 million, and an outright winner who chooses to take the cash option would be looking at increasing their wealth to the tune of around $52 million.

Mega Millions Approaches Nine Figures

With so much money on the line, it is no surprise that demand for entries into tonight’s game has been high, and is expected to climb even higher as players count down the hours to the big draw. Our advice to anyone who intends to participate is to obtain tickets as soon as possible to avoid the risk of any last-minute bottleneck, and to play online to avoid the risk of losing a ticket that just might be worth $94 million. More details about this game and how to play it can be found by visiting the Mega Millions Lottery page at

Whilst lottery fans in the USA focus on the Mega Millions action, European players are more likely to be interested in what happens in the EuroMillions game. The most recent game last Friday saw the jackpot landed by one ticket in France, so there will be a brand new jackpot of €15 / £12 million for players to pursue this evening.

Another lottery game that will brighten the Tuesday evening of players who like the idea of beating big odds to win big money is SuperEnalotto, which boasts an advertised jackpot of €8.8 million. 

Will any of the lottery jackpots just mentioned be won tonight, or will they roll over to give players even more to pursue next time? Check back here tomorrow for the latest results and all will be revealed!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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