Mega Millions’ US$414 Million Jackpot Shared Between Two Winning Tickets

Two lucky ticket holders managed to match all of the numbers from Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw to scoop a share of the US$414 million jackpot - the third largest prize in the game’s history. The jumbo jackpot came as a result of 20 consecutive rollovers and ten weeks without a top tier winner.

Initially advertised as US$400 million, the jackpot value soared after players across the nation rushed to buy tickets for the big game. The surge in ticket sales led to over US$110 million worth of tickets being purchased for the draw on Tuesday; a phenomenal amount considering that less than US$30 million worth of tickets were sold for the draw held exactly a month earlier. The two winning tickets were purchased in Maryland and Florida and both matched all five main numbers (11, 19, 24, 33 and 51) as well as the Mega Ball (7). The win is remarkable for both states as it marks the first Mega Millions jackpot win ever for Florida but the third in just one year for Maryland.

Although the winners have not yet come forward, lottery officials have released details about where the tickets were purchased. The Quick Pick Floridian ticket was purchased at Sunoco, a gas station on 600 South Courtenay Parkwayl, Merritt Island in Brevard County and the owners of the store are set to receive a retailer bonus of US$100,000 for selling the winning ticket.

In Maryland, the ticket was purchased at the Lady’s Liquors store on 6474 Crain Highway, La Plata. Manager Jay Jhala revealed that the store sold between 15 and 20 Mega Millions tickets every hour in the run up to the Tuesday’s draw and speaking about the winner said, “I hope it is one of the local guys who plays the lottery regularly. Maybe it is their dream, and their wishes can come true.” The store’s owner will also receive a US$100,000 commission bonus.

While the nation waits eagerly for news of the big winners, we encourage anyone who purchased a Mega Millions ticket from one of the aforementioned stores to check their ticket carefully. Even if you’re not the jackpot winner there were a further eight big winners in the second prize tier, none of whom have yet come forward to claim their prize. The winning Match 5 tickets were purchased in California (1), Florida (2), Illinois (1), Maryland (1), New York (2), and Texas (1); could you be the first of these lucky players to claim a life changing amount?

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