Mega Friday Returns with a £50 Million (€63 Million) EuroMillions Jackpot

Tonight will see a bumper EuroMillions draw with a jackpot worth £50 million (€63 million) alongside the second-ever Millionaire Maker Mega Friday game in which ten UK players will win £1 million and an amazing holiday. Elsewhere, French tickets holders will also be keeping their fingers crossed as the supplementary EuroMillions game in their country, My Million, will be distributing five prizes of €1 million instead of the usual one.

Mega Friday Returns with a £50 Million (€63 Million) EuroMillions Jackpot

EuroMillions hit its fifth rollover on Tuesday night when, although the jackpot remained untouched, there were a huge amount of cash prizes paid out to winners. Five players who matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star bagged themselves a very welcome £193,778 (€244,414) each on the night and you can find a full prize breakdown along with the winning numbers and Millionaire Maker code at the EuroMillions Results page of

The last Friday of every month has become Mega Friday on EuroMillions in the UK, with the usual Millionaire Maker award of £1 million complemented by an A-list non-cash prize. Tonight the ten winners will receive a trip of a lifetime to Australia, Brazil or Peru with flights, food and accommodation included so they will not have to eat into their cash winnings straight away. For more details on the exciting itineries, take a look at this news story from yesterday.

Lottery fans across Europe will be eagerly snapping up tickets in anticipation of claiming tonight’s massive jackpot or one of the accompanying prizes, guaranteed to be won on the night. You can get hold of your entries online or from an authorised retailer right now, but remember that sales close at 7:30pm GMT (8:30pm CET), so make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to change your life and live like a star! Good luck.

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