Maximum €90 Million Prize On Offer in Eurojackpot

There is a €90 million top prize up for grabs in Eurojackpot ahead of Friday night’s draw. It is the maximum amount that it is possible to win on the game and the second time already this year that the jackpot cap has been reached.

Maximum €90 Million Prize On Offer in Eurojackpot

The jackpot has not been won since a player from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany matched all the numbers on 7th February to win the maximum €90 million. Seven rollovers in a row pushed it back up the jackpot cap for the draw on 3rd April, and it has remained elusive up to now.

When the jackpot hits €90 million, any additional funds that would normally go to the top prize are instead diverted to the second tier - for matching five main numbers plus one Euro number.

In the last draw, for example, there was a prize fund of more than €20 million in the second tier. Four players – two from Germany, one from Finland and one from Slovakia - won in the Match 5 + 1 category to each pocket more than €5 million.

The jackpot will stay at €90 million for as long as it takes until there is a winner. One time in 2018 it was not won until the seventh time of asking at the jackpot cap.

Draws Continuing Despite Coronavirus

Eurojackpot draws have continued to take place as scheduled every Friday night despite the coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting life across the continent. Draws are held in Helsinki, Finland.

Tickets are still being sold in the majority of the 18 participating countries. However, it is not currently possible to purchase entries in Italy. The country’s Customs and Monopolies Agency made the decision to shut down lottery operations on 21st March and there have been no Eurojackpot winners from Italy for the past four draws.

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