Man Filmed Burning €90 Million Eurojackpot Ticket

A man from the Czech Republic who starred in a viral video in which he claimed to be burning a winning Eurojackpot ticket worth €90 million has revealed that it was actually a “social experiment”. In the clip he is seen holding a ticket bearing the winning numbers for the draw that was held on Friday 15th May, before talking about the potential stresses of becoming an instant millionaire and then setting it alight.

Man Filmed Burning €90 Million Eurojackpot Ticket

The man, who doesn’t use his own voice or reveal his face at any point during the video, explains, “I don’t want to lose my friends, my neighbours. I don’t even know what to do with this bunch of money”. He then takes out a box of matches and sets fire to the ticket, dropping it on the ground.

However, after the country’s Sazka betting agency revealed that the actual winner had come forward to claim the prize, the filmmaker admitted that it had been a fake. “The video is a social experiment video and a ticket was not real,” he revealed when challenged, “ The purpose of this video was to collect information and make an analysis of behaviour.”

The Eurojackpot draw on Friday 15th May saw the game’s largest possible prize of €90 million won at the second attempt. It had initially reached the jackpot cap for the draw on Friday 8th May, but no one could match all five main numbers and two Euro Numbers. The top prize rolled over to the next draw, with the extra funds from ticket sales rolling down to the Match 5+1 prize tier, creating a “second jackpot” of €22 million. The real winner came forward more than three weeks after the draw and has chosen to remain anonymous. Sazka has reported that he is a middle-aged man who withdrew 270,000 koruna (£7,067) of his winnings on the day, before rushing off to catch a train.

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