Man Dressed as Elf Distributes Lottery Tickets in Poole

A man dressed as an elf has been bringing Christmas cheer to the residents of Poole, handing out lottery tickets and cash to passers-by along with a letter urging them to spread kindness, love and understanding this holiday season.

Man Dressed as Elf Distributes Lottery Tickets in Poole

The man, who describes himself in the letter as not being religious and that he works two jobs to support his family, has given out envelopes containing either cash ranging from £5 to £20 or UK Lotto Lucky Dips for upcoming draws. He explained that he wanted to show people that acts of random kindness in an unstable world were still possible.

In exchange for the small token he gave, the man encouraged others to donate to charity if they could, citing Julia’s House, a children’s hospice in Dorset, as an example, and to “spread that feeling of kindness in whatever way you choose.” The Bournemouth Echo reported that a woman who received one of the envelopes was delighted with the letter, calling it “good news for a change.”

“Life is too short and too hard to create more negativity,” he wrote in the letter. “Forgive people, forget differences and make up with those people who you are no longer on speaking terms. Let’s spread this kindness stuff to as many people across the globe as we can.

“Please don’t make me hide behind this horrible scratchy beard for nothing.”

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