Man Arrested over Murder of 86-Year-Old Lottery Winner

Police investigating the murder of an 86 year-old, whose family claims had recently won $20,000 on the Michigan Lottery, have arrested a 20 year-old man from Detroit. Quanzell Alonzo Hood has now been charged with one count of first-degree murder and felony murder by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. A plea of not guilty was entered at the arraignment on Saturday in Romulus on the charges, which are both punishable by life in prison without parole.

Arthur Neal was reported missing on Saturday 20th December, the day after it is claimed that he won his lottery windfall. He was discovered, stabbed to death in a vacant house, three miles from his home on Trinity Street in Detroit on Sunday 1st February.

Despite the family’s insistence, Michigan Lottery officials say that they have no record of him cashing in a winning ticket and Neal’s best friend, Mike Payne, also explained that he had heard nothing of the windfall.

Hood will have an attorney appointed in time for his pre-trial conference on Tuesday 17th February at the city’s Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. Prosecutors claim that Hood, who describes his job as passing out sales papers, knew the victim and understood him to be in possession of an amount of money, killing Neal in the process of stealing or attempting to steal it.

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