Lotto Serving up £2.1 Million Jackpot Tonight

After a Saturday draw in which one player grabbed a £4.8 million windfall, Lotto is back tonight with a £2.1 million jackpot to cure your winter blues. There have been three top prize winners in the last two Lotto draws, leaving many to wonder if someone will be able to pull off a repeat performance and scoop the payday on offer this evening. Visit the Lotto Results page at to have a look at the prize breakdowns from the last few draws.

Lotto Serving up £2.1 Million Jackpot Tonight

There’s more than the just the jackpot available for any player who can match all six main numbers - 50 Lotto Raffle prizes, each worth £20,000, will be won by participants who can match the winning codes that will be drawn tonight.

If you had more than £2 million in the bank, you could treat yourself to some lovely warm-weather gear to keep you nice and cosy until spring. A few premium cashmere sweaters would be stylish, practical and comfortable, but you could also splurge on a bespoke fireplace - or two - for your new home. Top it off with some premium hot chocolate and you’ll be all set to hibernate through the worst of the January weather!

Of course, if you want to be able to buy all of these things by the end of the week, you’ll need to buy a Lotto ticket first! Entries are available for purchase either online or from authorised retailers across the country until 7.30pm GMT this evening. Don’t forget to pick your favourite numbers, grab a Lucky Dip or just leave it to chance and fill in random numbers - tonight could be the night where you become the newest Lotto millionaire!

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