Lotto Player Has One Week to Claim £2.5 Million Win

A Lotto player, who bought a winning ticket for the Lotto draw on Saturday 7th February, has just one week left to contact lottery officials or they will miss out on a £2.5 million prize. The ticket was bought in the South Northamptonshire and Daventry district and was one of three to correctly match the winning line 3, 6, 15, 17, 18 and 35, earning a share of a £7.7 million jackpot.

Lotto Player Has One Week to Claim £2.5 Million Win

Lotto winners have 180 days from the date of a winning draw to collect their prize before the money, and the interest it has accrued, is donated to the Good Causes Fund. Whoever bought the unclaimed ticket in Northamptonshire has until Thursday 6th August to make their claim.

Last week, local T20 team Northamptonshire Steelbacks posed with Lotto balls far bigger than the cricket equivalent they are used to facing in order to raise awareness of the missing winner. Captain Alex Wakley urged Lotto fans in the county to check their houses, cars and the pockets of the winter coats that might have been packed away soon after the draw. However, the winner has still not appeared.

To jog your memory about the events of that week, snow had fallen heavily across the UK, causing the usual chaos on the roads of the country. You might have been stocking up on grit for your driveway, dreaming of sunnier climes, when you decided to play Lotto. Perhaps you attended the football game between Northampton Town and Morecambe at Sixfields on the day of the draw, stopping off to pick up something fizzy and a lottery ticket on the way home to celebrate the Cobblers’ 2-1 win.

Playing Lotto online is a great way to avoid missing out on a huge win because you will always be contacted by email if you are due a prize. If you do buy physical tickets, make sure you sign the back to prove it is yours and stow it away in a safe, memorable place so you can easily claim your millions!

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