Lotto New Zealand Announces Changes to Lotto and Powerball

Lotto New Zealand have announced a number of changes to Lotto and Powerball. The alterations, which include an additional Lotto prize tier and bigger Powerball jackpots, will come into effect from Sunday 2nd April 2017 and are designed to improve each game for ticket holders.

Lotto New Zealand Announces Changes to Lotto and Powerball

These changes are the latest in a series of innovations from Lotto NZ following the addition of weekly Lotto draws in October 2015. The latest modifications will include the introduction of an all-new Lotto prize division for matching three numbers on one line, bigger Powerball prizes across all divisions, the ability to play Strike as a separate game and a new dip ticket system. The Powerball jackpot will also have the chance to build to a massive €50 million.    

Wayne Pickup, Chief Executive of Lotto NZ, made it clear that these revisions would significantly improve the gaming experience for players: “We’re making some changes to Lotto and Powerball that will create more Lotto winners, and give away bigger Powerball prizes.”

Pickup was also keen to point out the success of previous changes made to the lotteries: “We created the biggest game change in the history of Lotto, when we brought Lotto, Powerball and Strike to Wednesday as well as Saturday. Lotto on Wednesday has been really popular with our players, with more people playing our games more often. Now we’re making these games even better.”

In order to make these chances, a small price increase is set to be introduced. The price of a Lotto ticket will increase by ten cents per line, taking the total cost up to 70 cents, while Powerball tickets will rise to 80 cents, an increase of 20 cents. However, the additional revenue will help Lotto NZ boost the number of prizes available to players, as well as adding to the money generated for good causes throughout the country, a fund that raised $204 million last year alone. “Thanks to Lotto players, thousands of community projects are made possible every year,” Pickup confirmed.

Lotto NZ will be welcoming these changes with a special Powerball and Strike Must Be Won draw on Saturday 1st April, with the first new draw taking place on Wednesday 5th April.

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