Lotto Max Jackpot Reaches Record Amount of CA$60 Million

The Lotto Max jackpot has climbed to CA$60 million for the first time since the cap on the top prize was increased, giving players the opportunity to break a record when the next draw is held on Friday. The prize pot has been steadily building since one lucky participant scooped $50 million on 7th August and another rollover last week is sure to send lottery fans in Canada scurrying to pick up tickets.

The maximum jackpot was raised from CA$50 million to CA$60 million in July following calls from players to take the cap higher, and Friday’s draw is now set to offer the second-biggest prize in Canadian history behind a Lotto 6/49 draw in April 2013, which saw a jackpot of CA$63.4 million split between four winning tickets.

As well as offering massive jackpots, Lotto Max gives ticket holders the chance to play MaxMillions. This is a special game which offers a number of additional draws, each with a top prize of CA$1 million, with the minimum number of  MaxMillions draws increasing as the Lotto Max jackpot goes up in value. There were eight MaxMillions draws last week, and one player from Quebec managed to pocket CA$1 million.

There are expected to be 25 MaxMillions prizes of CA$1 million available this Friday along with the Lotto Max jackpot, and officials and retailers alike are braced for a huge amount of interest. Andrea Marantz, of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, believes it is ‘a good old Canadian compromise’ to have a jackpot cap of CA$60 million plus a number of MaxMillions prizes.

Amir Pradhan, a convenience store owner from Edmonton, told CTV News: “I think it’s exciting. People are excited, people love it.” It will be fascinating to see what happens in Friday’s record-breaking draw and you can find out more about Lotto Max ahead of the historic night.

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