Lotto Max Jackpot Reaches CA$60 Million

The Lotto Max jackpot has hit CA$60 million for the third time in as many months ahead of the next draw on Friday night. The cap on the top prize was increased from CA$50 million to CA$60 million this past July to help create more big winners, and it has been a record-breaking end to the year for Canadian players.

The new mark of CA$60 million was first reached on 25th September, when a syndicate of workers from Canadian Black Book in Markham, Ontario, became the biggest single winners of a prize in Canadian lottery history. On Friday 6th November, two participants successfully matched all seven main numbers to scoop CA$30 million each, and last week the owners of one of the tickets came forward to claim their prize.

Young couple Stephanie Lewis and Keith Hayman, from Conception Bay South in Newfoundland, revealed that they both plan to buy new vehicles and pay off their mortgage. They also plan to give up work and will make sure that their parents can retire as well. Stephanie told CBC News: “Family is so important to us and I can assure you our families will have a very special Christmas."

The Lotto Max jackpot has been building ever since 6th November, and is now back up to CA$60 million following a fifth successive rollover last Friday. There are also expected to be 21 MaxMillions draws this week, giving players an extra opportunity to win prizes.

MaxMillions is a special game which becomes active once the jackpot goes past CA$50 million. There are always a number of additional draws where the top prize is CA$1 million, and the amount of draws increases as the main Lotto Max jackpot goes up. Find out more about Lotto Max ahead of Friday’s eagerly-anticipated draw as fans rush to buy tickets online or from authorised retailers anywhere in Canada.

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